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For a new drop shipping store owner, we know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by the number of things you have to learn to make it work.

So where do you start? What is the 20% that makes the rest of the 80% work?

Ever think about it? What do you think is the single most important factor that makes or breaks a dropshipping store? What should you spend your time learning?

If you said something along the lines of Traffic, People, Buyers or Audience, then you are absolutely right!

In a nutshell, it is… The Audience!

7 Day Dropshipping Course
7 Day Dropshipping Course

Why is it important?

Why can’t you just create a store with nice branding and a great looking logo and put some ads on? Because you know you need a solid marketing strategy. And if there’s one thing that guides, inspires and impacts your marketing strategy, it is your audience!

Your target audience is truly what guides your content, your tonality, the campaigns you run and the words you use.

How do you plan to speak to an Audience you know nothing about?

Create Audience personas to step into the shoes of your buyer.

  • Understand how they feel
  • Learn how you can provide value
  • Create your content in a language that most appeals them
  • Find relevant audience pools and channels where your audience hangs out

Let’s dive deep into how you can understand your audience better!

1. Look for small groups

The best part about dropshipping is that you are not bound by geographical boundaries. Your customer can be any part of the world that you can ship to, and then can purchase your product.

Look carefully at your niche. Take note of what kind of customers are your target audience. Batch them with common umbrellas. What are the factors that unite them? Is it part of a larger hobby, interest or passion? Look for sub-cultures that exist within your niche.

2. What do they need?

Look to them in terms of small segments of the population.

Are you targeting the millennial crowd who likes to have the latest gadgets which are also affordable?

Are you targeting women who have post-maternity who want to get in shape but are too busy to go to the gym?

Notice that in both examples we are looking for needs of people who are part of a larger audience segment but not too large that we can’t target. At the same time, we are looking to answer very specific needs.

Well, you got the idea. Once you’ve identified your small group and made a few of these profiles to target, you need to answer for your self (your store),  what does your audience need?

And the answer to this question leads us to :

3. Can you meet these needs?

It goes without saying that these needs need to be on a recurring basis preferably so you can build a long term relationship with this audience.

How quickly and efficiently can you meet these needs?

As drop shippers, we have to rely on our suppliers. You need to know the lead time of getting your products in the hands of the customers, provide on-going customer support during the process and be confident that you can meet these needs reliably and as committed.

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4. Speak in their language

As mentioned above, your target audience basically defines the kind of language you are going to use in all your communication. If your product reaches out more than one kind of audience then your best bet is to run separate campaigns targeting these segments to better understand and optimize results.

You wouldn’t wanna speak to baby boomers in the same tone as you would to Millenials. Same goes with formal, casual and humorous content – you have to speak in the language they relate to!

6. Where do they hang out?

We are all hanging out at some place or another. We are all part of small groups and networks utilizing the various social networks and websites online.

You need to have a strong presence where your audience is hanging out. Which blogs do they visit, which forums they are a part of? If they are in Facebook groups and communities? Which websites do they frequent?

By knowing this, you will be able to plan your media strategy and content marketing easily. 

7. Conclusion

Take a note pad and answer these questions for your store. Spend some time on each one and do thorough research. Please don’t just ‘wing’ it.  It is worth spending time on this part as understanding your target audience is without a doubt, the single most important factor that can turn the odds in your favor and make your store a success!

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