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How to Use Instagram for marketing your Dropshipping store!

Instagram is increasingly becoming popular amongst marketers as a reliable and powerful medium to market your products and services.

If you run a dropshipping business, Instagram can radically transform your marketing and prove to be a vital tool that costs you almost next to nothing!

If you haven’t used Instagram to promote your dropshipping store, you’re missing out on a highly engaging audience, ready to connect to you and your store!

Consider adding Instagram marketing into your marketing mix because:

  • It is absolutely free;
  • It is visually engaging;
  • It helps you raise awareness;
  • It lets you tag your products;
  • It allows you to find and reach a new audience;
  • It serves as an amazing ad platform.
  • It integrates with Facebook

In this article, we shall briefly explain how you can make the most out of Instagram without a lot of hassle

1. Craft an appealing Bio

One would imagine that what’s the big deal about Bio. It’s just information about your company, right? Actually, this may be the most important section of your profile for a first time visitor. It is important to craft a well-thought, well-articulated and includes your contact information and URL.

To make it more interesting:

  • Tell them what’s unique about your product or company
  • Include Keywords and Emoji’s to highlight the main areas of your business and expertise.
  • Don’t forget to include the link to dropshipping store itself, phone number, e-mail address, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook account, etc.
  • Always Include the main Hashtag

2. Promote business on Instagram: Adding hashtags

Generally speaking, hashtags perform several highly important functions:

  • Avoid using too many hashtags and try to stick with the most relevant ones.
  • Always include your main hashtag in all your posts
  • Hashtags can also help you with tracking customer reviews and comments wherever there is a conversation about your brand. You can learn what kind of feedback your customers are leaving using your hashtags.
  • You can also use screenshots of these reviews with hashtags to showcase as testimonials on your site, etc.
  • You can also capitalize on trends and seasons using appropriate hashtags.
  • You can also use hashtags for specific campaigns to make them memorable and easy for people to search

A good idea to avoid hashtag stacking is to leave the hashtags out of the post and include them as the first comment on your post.

3. Optimize and Automate

To optimize these activities and eventually automate them, you can get plugins that will automatically:

  • Plan your posts;
  • Monitor comments;
  • Search for hashtags.

Personally, we would recommend you check out [Enter URL] –, and thanks to the plugin, we managed to get 66,000+ followers on our [Brand name] Store Instagram account.

This also enables you to have reporting and analytics that you provide you insights about how your brand and posts are performing.


4. Adding posts manually for Instagram promotion

While Automatic posting is awesome and actually works wonders with your regular content, manually posting is not to be ignored in your marketing strategy.

Posts that are relevant and engaging that you create yourself have unique value to offer and this helps your account to look more human rather than robotic.

5. Promote business on Instagram: Adding videos

Video is the name of the game! We already know it. It is the number 1 most engaging type of content you can use in your marketing. Period.

No, seriously.

In dropshipping business, videos are relevant more than ever, because:

  • The help you explain the product.
  • They help you capture and show the product from every angle
  • It is the closest thing to real life, with movement, compared to still pictures.
  • It provides you the opportunity to be creative with your content
  • They provide you an opportunity to connect with your audience and also go behind-the-scenes
  • The add more credibility to your store

Speaking of video, we must also mention here the power of testimonial videos. If you’ve managed to capture reviews by your customers on video, treat them as no less than gold. Video testimonials are one of the most powerful tools you can use to increase conversions.

6. Promote business on Instagram: Exploring galleries

At the beginning of 2017, Instagram introduced a new fun feature –called ‘gallery’. It allows you to put up to 10 photos or videos in a single post.

This is exceptionally useful for Dropshippers as now you can simply create a carousel post of your products rather than spamming your subscriber’s feed with multiple posts or spending endless hours creating collages.

Gallery can also be a nice alternative to video – if you want to show many details of an item, just make several photos and combine them in a single post. Voila!

7.  Going for Instagram Stories to Promote Your Business

Instagram Stories is without a doubt one of the most powerful ad mediums. Why? Well because of the fact that they are vertical videos! They cover your entire screen removing any and all distractions and focusing your subscriber’s attention completely on your add.

Given that the quality of your content is high and engaging and the copywriting is done well, Instagram ads can really convert well, if done right!


Understand that Instagram is primarily a visual medium. Do not compromise on quality when it comes to communicating visually whether it’s a photo or a video. Try to build a relationship through your content and communicate what your brand stands for and there is no reason why Instagram can’t be a highly profitable addition to your marketing!

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