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When it comes to dropshipping businesses, the tiniest details can often make the biggest differences in building brand identity and raising brand awareness. Having a well-thought-out brand name is one thing but getting the right design elements behind that brand name is a different ball game altogether.

Vital design elements for any online store design include aspects such as colors, fonts, logos, icons, and favicons. Having a user-friendly but visually appealing online store isn’t as straightforward as one tends to imagine. 

The ultimate goal of any dropshipping e-commerce store is to create a unique and welcoming experience for its customers. We have compiled some of the key design elements that can make all the difference when it comes to forming a unique brand identity for your dropshipping store.

The Choice Of Colors

The color scheme of your website is often the first thing that attracts the eye of any customer landing on the page. Consumer behavior studies suggest that most online customers can make their initial judgments of an online store in a matter of seconds and this is generally based on color as color is more recognizable than text, numbers, and symbols.

In this regard, not only does the choice of colors for brand identity become that much more important but also keeping that color scheme constant throughout all pages is equally vital to positively impact brand recognition.

It is no secret that certain colors instill certain emotions or feelings. However, this is but a stereotype as even though colors trigger emotions those emotions can be quite different depending on the person in question. The best practice is to ensure that the color scheme you choose compliments the image of your store and the values of your brand.

Another general rule of thumb is to use warm and inviting colors that aren’t too bright or too dull. Depending on the product in question, often a more minimalist color approach can often lead to better results than vivid and bright color schemes.

Choice of Logo Size & Design

Your brand logo is the most important visual element of any online store. It is the cornerstone of your store’s visual identity. A unique, intuitive, and eloquent logo design is instrumental when it comes to personalizing your online storefront and inventory. 

The logo of an online store can often tell a lot about the storefront. An intricately designed logo that has thought and methodology behind it can set you apart from other dropshipping stores selling similar products. The more personalized your storefront is the more recognizable and recallable it is likely to be.

A well-designed logo can mean a lot to the image and reputation of a dropshipping store and is the most distinctive feature of any store design.

The size of your logo is also an important aspect to consider. You don’t want your logo too small or too big and finding that right size that is subtle yet instantly recognizable is a skill best left to the professionals.

Often the simplest logos can have the most profound impact and recognition value. Often the more complicated your logo design is the less recallable it actually becomes. A complicated design also makes it difficult for the logo to look appealing in different sizes or colors which can pose major marketing issues later on.

Choice of Text & Fonts

Usually one doesn’t have much choice when it comes to fonts on dropshipping stores that are built on pre-programmed platforms. However, you do have a choice on what font to use for your brand logo and ongoing banner and social media posts. 

Fonts often have their own character or personality behind them that convey a subtle message and tone of communication. The typography you select is extremely important when it comes to delivering the right message to a potential customer about your brand identity and values.

Fonts can be divided into four broad categories that include:

  • Traditional Fonts – Used to display professionalism and trustworthiness
  • Modern/Trendy Fonts – Shows your brand is on-trend and not old school
  • Elegant Fonts – Create an atmosphere of luxury and exclusivity
  • Handwritten & Decorative Fonts – Adds a more personalized touch and evokes emotion

Your choice of font can tell a lot about your storefront. Always ensure that the font you choose matches the overall style and atmosphere of your online store.

Choosing The Right Favicons

What are favicons? Ever noticed that tiny icon on your browser tab that helps you remember what tab is which when you have like a gazillion open? Yup, those tiny icons are referred to as favicons. 

In most cases, favicons are just a tiny version of your brand logo. It is best to design your logo with favicons in mind. There should be no text or complicated design elements in a favicon and thus your initial logo design should keep this aspect in mind. Always ensure that the favicon you select is on a transparent background so that it can fit anywhere.

Choosing Icon Size & Design

Icons make the recognition of certain buttons instantly recognizable and can serve various purposes. The icon of a shopping cart or search bar, for example, is instantly recognizable and clearly demonstrates their purpose or functionality. 

Icons reduce the need for wordy paragraphs with the help of symbols, texts, and colors. They also help make your store that much more visually appealing and engaging. Large easy to understand icons can also make easy for customers to navigate between pages and find products they are looking for.

Icons help organize your storefront making it easier for customers to understand various functionalities in a clear and effective manner. Functionality and practicality are more important than uniqueness and originality when it comes to icons. 

As long as you ensure the design and color of your icons match the overall tone or theme of your storefront they will assist in building integrity and brand image.

Store Design Can Speak Volumes

The design of your online drop shipping or e-commerce store can play a major role when it comes to engaging customers and triggering a purchase. In such a competitive marketplace it becomes essential to pay attention to the details that matter in order to stay one-step-ahead of the rest of the competition. If you are in need of having our team of experts build you a perfectly branded, ready to sell store, click the button below to check out more about what we offer!

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